Windows App Store Issue: Error Code 0x803f7003 on Windows 10

Windows 10I upgraded my HP Folio to Windows 10 this morning and everything was going well until I started downloading apps in the Windows Store.

Upon clicking the download queue, I noticed that all 3 apps were giving the same error code: 0x803f7003.  It didn’t matter how many times I tried to re-start the download, it always ended up with this error (and no app).

Googling this error pulled up a reddit thread full of users that were also experiencing the same problem. Thankfully, a user named Sparkyro suggested a fix that ended up working for me, so hopefully it works for you too!

Try the following fix if you’re getting the 0x803f7003 error message in the Windows Store on Windows 10:

Resetting the store cache can resolve issues like this. Refer to these steps to reset the store cache:

  1. Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard.
  2. Type wsreset.exe in the open box and press Enter.
  3. Check if it takes you to a store page which displays that the cache has been reset.
  4. Now try to open the store app and check.

I was able to successfully download apps after completing the steps above.

Windows App Store Error 0x803F7003

(Note: I did get an email shortly thereafter stating that I had reached my App store download limit and needed to remove a device to continue. The laptop I did the fix on is the only PC I have tied to the Microsoft account used, so I disregarded this email.)

Did that work for you too? Share your experience below!

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  • FlameFoxx

    That didn’t work for me.

  • Prasana Venkat

    This didn’t work for me either! Windows 10 is full of bugs.

    • PersonWhoCares

      Actually HelloThisIsSteve is more likely correct, given that a mega load of people are downloading windows 10, and all kinds of apps all at once today you are probably going to run into some sort of problem with anything relating to a Microsoft server

  • HelloThisIsSteve

    You don’t need this. Just retry after a while. MS servers may be getting overloaded today.

  • Bytsen

    Worked perfectly for me, thank you.

  • Adam


  • Chris S

    I found that using the fixit for windows 8 works :)

  • Angie Birt

    This didn’t work for me.. it brought me to the store at first and then the run command box for windows store popped up but I was unable to run the command in the box so I just excited out. I did try to re-download my app again and I got the same error code :(