I had a gaming PC for only 1.5 years and all of a sudden one day it cant boot up and no post BIOS beep either. I swapped out RAM and no luck. Luckily I found this store on Yelp. Went there and dropped off my machine. Alex immediately looked at it and ran diagnosis on it. He narrowed the issue down to either motherboard or CPU. I went ahead ordered the parts from Amazon with prime one day shipping. Swapped out motherboard, no luck, swapped out CPU, money!

Alex was quick and clear on explaining the issues and keeping all the stuff nice and clean. Nice chap!

Best thing, they only charged $40 bucks for everything. Martin after calling Devin and they decided to give me a 50% discount to cover the motherboard return shipping cost back to Amazon. I truly appreciate Martin/Devin/Alex for making this so inexpensive and easy. Excellent experience and I will definitely come again.

Richard C.

Read review on Yelp

Thank you for your top notch service.

I had bought an anti-virus program from a very distinguished company. After downloading an update, the computer would start up, load the programs and then it would begin the shut down process. It would constantly do this cycle. I brought my laptop in to San Diego Computer Consultants and Jorge was able to diagnose the problem in a matter of minutes. It was a glitch that the virus company is known to have. He removed the software and told me to try re-installing it, advising me it was most likely a problem with the update. The first time I loaded the program, my laptop started to shut down again. Upon returning to SDCC, Jorge uninstalled the program again, free of charge. He then helped download MS Security Essentials. Now the antivirus software works without any problems.

If you have any computer repair needs I highly suggest visiting San Diego Computer Consultants.

Liat F.

Read review on (Yelp Review)

I had a broken laptop between Thanksgiving & Xmas, so needed help ASAP. After a couple of sketchy experiences, I ended up at SDCC & was immediately helped, getting a diagnosis in a couple of days. Far superior service to the other guys.

Steven R.

Read review on (Yelp Review)

San Diego Computer Consultants fixed both my lap top and my desk top computers. I could not be more pleased and highly recommend this company for your computer fixing needs. The staff, Martin and Alex, could not have been more professional and knowledgeable and very customer service oriented. They were very patient with my many questions and my limited techy knowledge. My deepest thanks to both of them,

Carol W.

Read review on Yelp

SD Computer Consultants have repaired several of our computers over a period of time. Fair, honest, professional and best of all correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem each time. Alex is the best.

Nancy S.

Read review on Yelp

Great experience. Alex fixed my laptop in 1 day and made it perform better. He also took time to answer my questions. I would use them again.

Damon S.

Read review on Yelp

When I fall in a problem with my Mac I went to this place, but before going there I searched for the best store which can give me the best service.

Thanks Yelp for leading me here because I got super service and that was very much appreciate able for their faster service.

These guys are helpful and they are very efficient and they have good command over talking with others for the best negotiation.

Tina T.

Read review on Yelp

SDCC went above and beyond my expectations! I had to return my laptop hard drive back to Dell due to hard drive corruption.

Unfortunately, I didn't back anything up since I just had my laptop for 3 months.

Thanks to Wes at SDCC he was able to retrieve all of my iTunes music, documents and pictures.

I was eternally grateful for their expertise and I would absolutely recommend them to my friends!!


Read review on Kudzu

San Diego Computer Consultants came to my rescue, repairing my computer, a PC, quickly, courteously, always calling me to both keep me updated as well as providing options for repair. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs quality work to solve their computer troubles. Also, as I possess only a very "basic" knowledge of computers, I greatly appreciated their kind understanding of my ignorance! If you need help, San Diego Computer Consultants is there for you!

Rush Glick

Read review on Kudzu

I called San Diego Computer Consultants on a Thursday afternoon because the email at my office wasn't working. Not only were they extremely friendly and helpful, but they even tried to help me fix the computer over the phone in order to save me the travel and hourly fee charges. When it was apparent that they would need to come and fix the computer themselves, they were prompt and efficient. They came later that same day and were finished with the repairs in less than an hour. I also thought their prices were very reasonable.

Lauren R.


These guys rocked me again. Though they have moved a bit further, the service quality stays the same. I got a RAM slot on my motherboard broken, and these guys quickly fixed it without additional charge more than the basic diagnostic cost.

Ninghua W.

Read review on Yelp

* These guys recently merged with another company and my hope is that their same excruciating attention to detail and spectacular customer service standards - continues under new management. In early August, I brought in my old Sony VAIO computer from 2002 because of blue screen errors and a failure to load Windows. I was prepared for the worst, e.g., losing all of the data on my hard drive.

* But I checked Yelp first and came across San Diego Computer Consultants in Normal Heights (they've since moved to the Miramar area, which is kind of a drag, a longer drive for people who live close to downtown or in the East and South Counties).

* I met briefly with Martin Bitmead, a knowledgeable, friendly and accomplished computer technician. (He has a wonderful English accent, which may have accentuated his good manners.) I told Martin my main goal was to save as much data as possible - and I wrote a list of file folders on my inoperable computer that I was desperate to recover. The upfront cost to diagnose was only $75 - to be applied to any repairs if necessary.

* Fast forward, 24 hours later. Martin called saying he had bad news and good news; the bad news is my computer's hard drive was dead. The good news (and this sent me over the moon) - is that he managed to save / recover ALL data - including my original settings, which he "mirror-imaged" onto a brand new, 2012 hard drive with DOUBLE the capacity of my 2002 hard drive!

* Total cost out the door for the labor (which included an overnight effort to transfer a humongous number of gigabytes worth of data onto my new hard drive) - was an astounding $135! Martin was worth every penny. Fabulous guy and competent - and he saved the life of an old computer that was otherwise in fine shape.

* These guys are the REAL DEAL. Of course, my big worry has to do with the future. Everyone at San Diego Computer Consultants was fabulous, and I sure hope the new bosses appreciate what these guys are all about, especially their superlative Yelp and customer service ratings. A+ all the way.

David K.

Read review on Yelp

I needed to do a wipe/reinstall of my Mac OS on my Powerbook to prepare it for a friend who I was giving it to. I lost my disc so I couldn't do it myself.

Right as I entered, I was greeted with a friendly smile. Ricky was able to help me out (an upgrade on the OS too!), and estimated that it would be ready in 2 days. 2 hours after i dropped it off, I got a call, and it was ready to go!

I turned it on, and it was like a new laptop for a very reasonable price that I don't think any other place can beat! I'm so glad I found this place .... now I just want to keep my laptop again!

J. M.

Read review on Yelp

These guys were a huge help in fixing my machine. Very fair prices, did what they said and communicated the steps. I hope I don't have to go back but if I do I'll feel good about who's working on my compter.

Greg B.

Read review on Yelp

My computer wasn't so much broken as it just wasn't running optimally. I knew something was wrong, and with 13 five-star reviews, I figured this was the place to go.

I dropped by the office with my computer on a Wednesday and described my problems. They provided a quote for a basic diagnostic service and I left it there. They contacted me by phone on Friday and explained my computer's issues and the recommended course of action. After I decided how to proceed, they had it ready for me that night.

Unfortunately, after picking it up, there were new issues. My computer worked for about a minute and a half before shutting down. I was obviously not happy that I took in a computer that worked poorly and brought home a computer that didn't work at all. However, I was really pleased with how the situation was handled.

I took my computer back the following day and explained what had happened. They provide a 30-day warranty for their work, and so the subsequent labor was free of charge. Additionally, they were excellent in terms of providing status. It took several days to get everything resolved, but during that time they provided frequent updates. I interacted with a number of employees and each one was professional and responsive to the issues I was having. They earn their stars not for their computer service, but for their customer service.

Michael R.

Read review on Yelp

These guys are awesome.

I read the yelp reviews, paid them a visit, got some real good vibes so I took my computer there.

Everyone here is really nice and attentive. I liked that.They don't require you to prepay. They told me cost of everything before I even brought my computer in. They said that they would call me if they needed to order parts so that I can approve everything and that's exactly what they did. My computer needed a new video card. They called me up and said that they can use a $25 refurbished card that was better than the one I already had. Or they could have gotten a brand new one for $90. I went with the refurbished. Im not much of a gamer. I approved everything and then they called me when it was all ready to go. They cleaned the hard drive and also threw in some other small piece at no charge. It was a three day turn around. It was fast, quick, easy, and convenient. These guys are good. It was a very smooth transaction. I will definitely go back here for computer repairs.

Ruben G.

Read review on Yelp

Thank you, Yelp. Yet again, you save the day. Yet again I ponder the imponderable: where would I be without you?

The reviews speak for themselves - this is a business which earns its stars and thus its customers.

Our family desktop has been plagued by an endless stream of drama. We've had several computer doctors come out to work with it and they often spend the majority of the day (6+ hours) tinkering with it, leaving an only slightly better performing machine in their wake. We accepted this as our lot in life and endured the plodding of the PC. Rather, my parents did - I went the laptop route long ago.

Every few months when the molasses-like performance grew to be too much to bear, my parents would run through the same script:

"Do you have the contact information for the last guy who came out here?"
"I don't know where it is. How about that guy who came 6 years ago - sweetheart, didn't you find his card somewhere?"
"Yeah, 6 years ago."

Finding a computer doctor has been on my to-do list for a long time but I procrastinated, worrying about how difficult/expensive it would be - most tech guys seemed to want the machines dropped off at their office or else they would charge an exorbitant home visit fee. After finally buckling down and searching on Yelp, I was tenatively excited by how quickly a 5 star company with reasonable rates popped up.

Was it really that easy?

Yes kids, Yelp has really revolutionized our world and made it THIS FAST AND EASY to find incredible service providers like San Diego Computer Consultants. In Yelp we trust.

The gentleman who came to our house was pleasant and personable. You read that correctly - this company doesn't just hire brains - they have an eye for customer service as well. My dad loves to scrollsaw and anyone who comes to our house gets a show and tell on his latest projects. All. Of . Them. The technician expressed admiration and then answered all of my inane questions as I sheparded the woodwork back to the workbench.

My parents were thrilled they didn't have to mortgage the house for the job. I was shocked the bill for a home visit + labor/parts + new anti-virus came out to just under $150. Most importantly, the plodding PC has a new pep in its programming.

If our computers ever need help again, we know who to call!

Daniella M.

Read review on Yelp

Holy cow -- I can't believe I am writing a review for a computer repair company, when I can hardly figure out how to turn one on most days. And yet, that is what makes this review so real.

In a nutshell: I know just a bit more about technology than my grandpa probably does, and I am recommending San Diego Computer Consultants with a HUGE five stars!

Our home PC had some kind of evil virus on it that was making even the most simple processes painful and despite buying Norton antivirus software and asking lots of techy friends for their help, the virus continued to make our lives miserable until we could no longer use the stupid computer at all.

After consulting good 'ole Yelp and deciding to give San Diego Computer Consultants a call, our problems were solved! I dropped it off mid-day Wednesday and they had it running faster than ever, virus-free and with a snazzy new anti-virus installed Friday morning for less than $150!

For the peace of mind and no more frustration using our home computer, this was money VERY well spent.

Thank you, San Diego Computer Consultants, for making this computer n00b feel like a smart shopper!

Jacquelyn Q.

Read review on Yelp

SDCC is professional, honest, fast and very reasonably priced. I had what turned out to be a failed power supply in my desktop machine and they were able to fix it in one business day. They also installed a new Blu-ray optical drive for me. Their employees are very good at communicating status and don't leave you in the dark. I can't recommend them highly enough!

I took my computer in on a Monday morning to get serviced. It refused to turn on and the motherboard lights weren't even illuminating, so I suspected the power supply was the culprit but was worried that other hardware could be damaged as well. Robert took down all of the background information and read it back to me to ensure it was accurate. I really appreciated the attention to detail.

Before closing time that day, I got a call from Adolfo, the technician working on my machine. He said that preliminary tests showed the power supply was at fault but that the next day they would replace it with a new power supply temporarily and run a full hardware test on the motherboard, CPU, memory and other devices.

The next day we spoke and he confirmed that the power supply was at fault and that the other hardware was fully functional. The PSU's they had in stock were only 500W, so I was able to run out to Fry's and pick up a new 1000W unit for them to install. I dropped it off and within an hour the system was all ready to go.

Adolfo also took some extra time to re-run the cables between all of the internal components. This is what the pros call "cable management" which keeps things better organized and helps improve airflow in the case. He even gave the inside and outside of the case a much needed cleaning to get rid of all the nasty dust. And he carried my system out to my car for me. Really top-notch service.

I only ended up having to pay $75 which is the cost of their initial diagnosis, equivalent to one hour of the tech's time. They were very clear that would not exceed that figure without calling me first to get verbal approval. They could have easily slapped on another hour of time and I would have never suspected anything so I give them big bonus points for being very honest.

If I ever run into computer issues I can't handle in the future I will definitely take my computer back here!

Cliff M.

Read review on Yelp

Awesome. Great communication, timely service, quality work.

I highly recommend these guys.

Tyson G.

Read review on Yelp

Superb, customer-focused service. Individual attention to my problems, and great results.

I had what I thought was a bad motherboard...some LEDs lit on the board, but no bootup. I brought them a new, compatible motherboard, and asked for an install.

They let me know the board I brought was faulty, then checked out my hardware and diagnosed a faulty power supply, not a mobo issue at all. They had the pwr supply in stock, so replaced and I was on my way for a 1-hr labor charge + parts.

They *could've* done exactly what I asked...installed the mobo, and I would've had the same prob, and probably had to pay a for few more hrs of service. Instead, they did what I *needed*, above and beyond what I asked...and delighted me. If I need them, I'll go back, no questions asked.

These guys are the equivalent of a good auto mechanic...there when you need them, and trustworthy.

I recommend them highly.

Chris G.

Read review on Yelp

I came to the San Diego Computer Consultants on a referral and these guys were so awesome! I was very hesitant to just take my laptop to any computer shop because I've had some horrible experiences with places who mess things up even more. As soon as I walked in and explained the virus issue my laptop had the guys were able to tell me that they could take care of it.

Sure enough they took care of me and removed the virus that was hiding all of my files, pics, and music into hidden areas in the computer. They also replaced my Hard Drive and installed Kaspersky all for a total of around $130 bucks. I was so pleased afterward and walked away knowing this is the only place I will bring in my computers if I have any issues. Thanks guys!

I would recommend the San Diego Computer Consultants to everyone!

Maria G.

Read review on Yelp

Fast, inexpensive, friendly - I will take ALL of my computer needs to these guys!

My computer was severly infected with viruses and spyware. In fact, we hadn't turned the computer on in about 3 years - we just went out and bought a laptop when I couldn't resolve the issues myself. Now my son is 12 and needs his own computer for homework (and I don't want him on MY laptop!) - so I thought we'd give it a shot.

For about $150, the viruses were removed and a super great anti-virus software installed (and includes 3 licenses!). All done in less than a week! AWESOME!!

Sarah Jane T.

Read review on Yelp

I just love these guys! My laptop fell off my bed and onto my hardwood floor. When I powered it up...all I got was vertical lines. Darn thing is only about 1 1/2 yrs old and I was really upset.

Took it to SDCC Friday late afternoon and when they turned it on, did the the same thing, so I left it with them. Monday morning I get a call from Shane who said he checked it out and when he turned it on, it was fine. When I picked it up later, they did not charge me a penny!! If course I was thrilled about that!

These guys are awesome.

Jan F.

Read review on Yelp

Superb work.

I went to Martin on a Saturday morning mourning over my damaged USB drive. When I stick it into any computer, it will give me a "Would you like to format your drive?" prompt. I had all my research data and other important documents on there, and couldn't get to it. I tried recovering it by myself but failed.

Martin was able to get all the files back by Monday. Their customer service is great and they genuinely care about your needs. I was so grateful that I got everything back, else my research progress would've been pushed back 2-3 months. That would mean my life is over, as I have a deadline coming up relatively soon.

Give them a try, they won't charge you if they can't fix it. Awesome guarantee.

Diana C.

Read review on Yelp

We brought my son's laptop in to be worked on, because it mysteriously quit turning on. It was a paperweight. I showed it to Shannon and he monkeyed with it for a few minutes, and then told me the two or three things that might be wrong with it. For each possibility, he explained solution options and costs.

Everything happened exactly as he predicted, except it didn't take as long and was cheaper. Shannon called me every step of the way and kept me informed. It's been awhile since I"ve had such good service.

I can't recommend this business highly enough. I plan to bring all of my other laptops and desktop in for a "once over" since they aren't working as well as I'd like.

Use 'em. You won't be sorry.

Lori H.

Read review on Yelp

$75 for me to have a keyboard installed and to fix the drivers for my keyboard and mouse pad that wigged out! Sweet! Great service and super friendly. I would go here again and recommend these guys to anyone.

Kaiden D.

Read review on Yelp

I brought my computer in because of water damage.

REALLY great customer service. Completely professional. They charged me $118 for parts and labor. We felt like that was very reasonable. We will go back for any work we need done on our computers.

My favorite part, they did not ask for a Yelp review :)

Sandy C.

Read review on Yelp

I accidentally deleted my partition on both my secondary internal and
external HD. After spending time and money to have a local tech recover the data (which wasn't much), and getting a quote from a competing data recovery service for $500 minimum. I chose to take it to S.D. Computer Consultants.

I was skeptical that they would be able to do any more than was already tried. I'm a skeptic by nature and usually very leery about most anything that requires decent service - which, to me, is not something that I run across to much anymore. Still, because I had read so many favorable reviews on Yelp, I though, "What the h***". In addition, it wouldn't hurt more than a bit more time and $70. The result was amazing!

They really came through for me!!! Five stars to them for excellent one-to-one service, timeliness, and cost! The not only recovered all of my files, but reformatted and reinstalled the two hard drives. They even troubleshooted another side issue while I was there for free!

Like the previous reviewer stated, "These guys rock!" I would urge you to first try these guys out for any computer issues! They do it all and they do it with class and professionalism! I know that this sounds over-the-top, but they really deserve some praise for providing what consumers can rely upon in a time where no one seems to care anymore about anything.

Bob G.

Read review on Yelp

Ok...so I have an old clunker that a friend of mine built. For some reason after I moved it started acting up. I looked on Yelp and found SDCC had the best reviews, so i tried them out.

I ended up having some viruses....SDCC cleaned up my computer and it works great! I would definitely recommend them.

Missy F.

Read review on Yelp

I installed some software on my laptop for my work, and it caused problems with my admin account - I couldn't get into my laptop anymore! After trying to get it resolved through technical online forums (and over 1 day of pulling out my hair), I was referred to San Diego Computer Consultants through a friend. Reviews looked good on Yelp, so I called them. Adolfo told me to bring it on in, and they would take a look.

Within a few hours, I got a call back that the laptop was fixed. Finding that hard to believe, I hurried down to Adams Avenue. My account was fully restored, the "bad" accounts were gone, and all of my files were once again fully accessible. I was so happy, I could have cried!

Thank you, San Diego Computer Consultants, for fast, good work at a very fair price (they only charged me for 1/2 hour of their time).

I would highly recommend these guys to anyone needing help with their PC.

Becky C.

Read review on Yelp

This beats troubleshooting on the phone to someone you can't understand.

This is where you need to take your computer if you have any problems.

Robert and Shane were very professional and knowledgeable. They didn't fix my computer because they couldn't find the problem. So I wasn't charged.

Shane did suggest that the Bluetooth or printer may be broken. Low and behold, it was a faulty Bluetooth adopter. This was an easy fix. I just went out and bought a new Logitech mouse with the adopter.

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it! Some places charge you not matter what. SD Computer Consultants has the best policy. You can't go wrong. I'll gladly go back if I have any more problems.

Carol B.

Read review on Yelp

Great customer service with tech savy guys that can fix anything without any problems. They explained my issue to me in simple terms, which is always welcome in dealing with computers.

Jeff J.

Read review on Yelp

All the reviews are true - everybody was fantastic. They are patient, knowledgable, answered all my questions; the price was fair, the turnaround time was speedy, and I had confidence the whole time that they would do what they said. And they did. I'd refer anybody to SD Computer Consultants.

Joy J.

Read review on Yelp

I am so glad I found San Diego Computer Consultants, they responded quickly to my emails and answered all my questions.

I needed a system restore on my computer, but didn't want to risk doing it on my own and lose everything. They performed the diagnostic and came up with the same answer as Dell, but were able to actually do it for me. I felt my computer was safe in their very capable hands.

Got my computer back in a few days and it was just like new, but with all my files, music and pictures back in place and couldn't be happier!

Christie E.

Read review on Yelp

Great service and very nice people. They gave me a reasonable price and deserve 5 stars. I'd highly recommend them.

I had them replace a CPU fan on my laptop and they even cleaned the keyboard.

Chad A.

Read review on Yelp

My computer got a virus that mimics anti-virus software. So, I was unable to access the Control Panel, anti-virus software, programs, photos, or documents. Somehow I was able to remove the virus, but I couldn't access hundreds of documents and 100 Gigs of photos & Photoshop docs. I read on Yelp that this was a great place to take my computer, so I gave them a call and brought it in.

The technicians were very prompt in greeting me, professional and patient. They gave me a quote that seemed very reasonable, called to ensure me that all of my photos had been located and none were lost. And the turn around time was very quick. Because limited work was needed on my computer, I was given the low-end-range of the quote, which was $75.

Before you spend your weekend trying to fix your computer;
before you wipe clean your entire hard drive and lose all your data;
before you scan the internet for answers that never quite seem to resolve the issue, contact San Diego Computer Consultants.

Tip: If you have a laptop or external hard drive, bring those power cords with you.

J. M.

Read review on Yelp

I felt really lucky after blowing $100 on a part at Frye's that I didn't need that these guys helped assess my real computer problem. Unfortunately my computer wasn't worth repairing, but they transferred all my data and installed all my software onto my new machine and didn't charge anything extra for it, save the $75 initial diagnostic fee. They were honest and fair and as much as I hope I don't have to go back anytime soon, I know where I'll go should anything go wrong again.

Rosemary B.

Read review on Yelp

These guys rock! I have had to haul my hunk of junk in there twice already when it decided to have some sort of yearly fiasco and they always get it fixed quickly and for a reasonable price! Many times they will talk to you over the phone and try to remotely access the problem, saving you a trip to the shop and the instant gratification of a working machine.

I have the unfortunate luck of owning the worst laptop on the market, known to have over 50 issues that will systematically ruin your pocket book in repairs and lost work. I called this morning and explained the problem, they told me to bring it in, and in the 15 minutes it took me to get there, the guy had figured it out, told me it would be really expensive and suggested that based on the number of repairs this model generally ends up needing, I had already gotten my 4 years of use out of it and its time for an upgrade! Going shopping tonight with their recommendations in mind!

Very knowledgeable, very quick, very nice!

Laura T.

Read review on Yelp

Where do I begin...answering the phone like a professional is a good place to start. Honoring your estimate would be next. Getting the work done in a timely manner would be next. When I got the machine home and couldn't figure out how to get onto the internet, they walked me through that process over the phone free of charge. These guys are great, I'll be back again.

Frank F.

Read review on Yelp

Our office computer was attacked by a malware virus and we needed a quick fix. After reviewing the pricing options from Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, and SDCC, we took our computer to SDCC because they offered the best prices and shortest repair time. SDCC repaired our computer for a great price and provided excellent service. We would recommend SDCC to anyone in need of computer repair.

Gaslamp Event Management

Read review on Yelp

Based on prior review, I took my wife's laptop in. I had called earlier and was expecting them to have to wipe it and reinstall windows and everything. When I got there and showed them the problem they fixed it in 20 minutes and were as nice and friendly as could be., These guys are great. Kudos to Adolfo and Robert. Saved me a bunch of money and time - and made my wife happy.

Lee W.

Read review on Yelp

It doesn't get any better!
When my computer "died" a computer savvy friend referred me to SD Computer Consultants (from the Yelp reviews). My experience was fabulous. The service provided was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I was greeted promptly, attention was given to the details of my problem, the process and fees were explained.

It turned out that the motherboard needed to be replaced. I was offered several options. When I took the option to send my computer to HP, they offered to send it for me after backing up everything. Yes! Easy for me! When the computer was received back, they checked it all out to make sure everything was working properly. I expected to pay shipping costs and wasn't sure how much over their original estimate of $75, but everything was included in the $75 fee (plus what I paid to HP, which, by the way, they took care of that transaction, as well).

OK, so I'm a happy camper, and then a few weeks later my computer dies again... I took it back to SD Computer Consultants. The very next day, they checked with HP on the warranty, backed everything up again, and then set to work to see if they could get it working. And, yes, they did. I was just happy to have my computer working, but, get this, no charge. These folks are wonderful.

Peggy M.

Read review on Yelp

This is an excellent place for all types of computer users, novices and nerds alike. They charged $75 for diagnostics and apply that to any repairs that need to be made per the customer's approval. They informed me of my problem in 24 hours, did not push me too hard to buy their hardware, and let me go! All in all, a pretty good deal for $75 - especially considering the "technicians" that work at the big box stores, i.e. salespeople.

Aaron W.

Read review on Yelp

I had a problem with my wireless connection and brought in my lap top to this place and let me tell ya, I got VIP service :) Right away, without any type of hassle, unlike when you go to Best Buy where they will charge you an arm and a leg, I got the star treatment and Shannon was able to fix the problem instantaneously without any charge. In fact I know my lap top can use a good tune-up and it will cost 75 bucks, which isn't bad at all. I like the fact that this business is very personable with their customers and there are no gimmicks either, just quality service like the way it should be without the hassle. Please tell your friends about this place should anyone have any PC repairs.

Karla A.

Read review on Yelp

I brought my computer in on a Tuesday because it had a virus in it that my anti-virus software was doing nothing about. The service representative who helped me was very thorough and helpful but made sure to cover his bases in terms of what I could expect, both in terms of the best and worst-case scenario.

The service representative who helped me called me back less than 24 hours later and had the computer ready. When I went to pick it up, he recommended better anti-virus software that I had never heard of and offered it to me at point-of-sale. Although I declined, he directed me to the website.

Overall, my virus scan and removal cost $95. Had the virus been bad enough that Windows would have needed to be removed and re-installed (which in my case did not occur), they would have bumped down the price to $65 for the scan if I did not want to invest in removal and re-installation of Windows.

Mike O.

Read review on Yelp

These guys are great! I took my laptop in on Tuesday and I was told that my hard drive was bad and I needed to replace it. They always kept me informed on the progress of the repair and they were able to complete the work in two days. I will definitely use their services again.

Ben E.

Read review on Yelp

My computer got a BAD virus and I needed to get it repaired as soon as possible. I rushed in five minutes before close on a Friday night, and Robert greeted me when I walked in. I explained my problem and he seemed really knowledgeable and friendly. I am completely clueless when it comes to computers so it was really reassuring knowing that he understood what was wrong. He explained what would be done to my laptop and gave a price estimate and turnaround time, and I was out the door in a few minutes. I got my computer back the following Monday and it ran like new! Parking kind of sucks. I didn't even bother trying to get into the lot, since there's only room for one car going in and out, so I parked a block over and just walked. But I am so happy with their work and I will come back if I ever need a repair again. Knock on wood. Not only are they great at what they do, they are so friendly and patient that I wouldn't ever want to go anywhere else.

Heather Anne B.

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SD Computer Consultants are the best! We had a computer that completely crashed over the holidays and we did not have anything backed up...needless to say, it was a nightmare! Thank goodness SD computer consultants were able to recover all the files, pictures, itunes, etc!! In addition to that they then recommended a back-up system, security and other software which has made our life soo much better.

We just recently bought another computer and they transferred everything, loaded all software and gave it back to me ready to go!

I would never go anywhere else except for SD Computer Consultants! Bill and Shannon, thank you! Thank you!

Kristine C.

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I went here because my CD and DVD drives weren't working and needed more memory installed. They fixed the problem with my drives and installed 2 GB of memory. Very friendly, professional, fair and the turnaround was exactly what they quoted. You don't need to shop around. These guys are the best.

Marguito S.

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Thank you fellow Yelpers for guiding me to SD Computer Consultants!

I had spilled soda across my laptop.
*hangs head in shame*
Not knowing at the time that one should not turn their laptop on for 2-5 days after a liquid spill, I had been using it for a week before I brought my ailing baby to them. It had all kinds of very odd glitches going on. They warned me it sounded like it might be the motherboard.
o fudge.

24 hours later, they call me back.
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! !t was only the keypad!
They could have told me anything and I would have been none the wiser. Thank goodness for ethical, highly competent, computer wizards.
You guys are my heroes.


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Very happy with the service: Hubby brought in the infected tower and they fixed most problems, except for m Word docs, but I should have backed them up. Will be back for any future problems.

Cat M.

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2nd time using their services. Prompt, courteous, cannot say enough about them! They quoted me one price on a part, and then found it for about 30% cheaper, so nice! A lifelong client has been made here!

Sud F.

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I took my laptop to SDCC ,and they exceeded my expectations. My laptop is fairly old compared to all the new ones out, but they brought it back to life. I really appreciate the time they spent working on it and the price was way more than reasonable. I will surely recommend any one who needs computer work to go to SDCC. They are definitely the best in town.

Charles C.

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I recently got my laptop serviced with SDCC and was blown away with how professional, courteous and customer service oriented these dudes are! Not only did I get my laptop fixed earlier than what was quoted but one of the techs that worked on my LT noticed my "E" key was brokened and just happened to have a spare in the back and swapped it for me even though it wasn't what I originally came in for. With my "E" key working properly now, I can rate them an "E" for EXCELLENT! You guys are great!

Chris T.

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I am a complete "dork" when it comes to fixing a computer. But again, I am the poster child for computer viruses. This week, I took my poor, virus-ridden, out-of-date PC to SDCC and they fixed it! I found Shannon at SDCC to be honest, polite and very accommodating in terms of fixing my computer quickly. Shannon patiently explained things to me in plain English (not computer speak) and I am very happy with the result. I highly recommend using SDCC for all your computer needs.

Susie R.

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I have taken my flaky desktop to this place a couple of times and they have fixed it. The problems were hardware-related and not due to anything missed by them. They were reliable and friendly. I really liked the work that they did.

Ahava Y.

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My computer broke 3 years ago and I never got around to getting it repaired (we have another computer at home). But I read reviews of this place and decided to bring them my laptop. They fixed it (nothing major... it was stuck on a restart mode) and added memory for me for 75$. It was done in 2 business days. I'd recommend them to everyone!!

Erin M.

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This place is awesome and Robert and Martin were great. Martin looked at my computer and called me back with the verdict within a few hours of me bringing it in. They weren't able to solve my problem (crashed hard drive), but they did provide me with some referrals to data recovery services and didn't charge me for a diagnostic or their time. They were very nice and fair and I would definitely go back if I have other computer issues in the future and would gladly recommend them to anyone.

Jenn T.

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Very professional, quick turn around. price was right on.
I will use them again for sure.

Karen P.

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I looked them up for my husbands son who lives in San Diego. I am in San Francisco. I had never needed this type of service and decided to go for a local place after seeing the reviews on chains.

I guesstimated how much it should cost based on what I knew about the problem. In my opinion they came back with a fair price and didn't try to take advantage of the situation since my husbands son says he is not computer savvy himself.

The estimate was given and the computer was fixed overnight at the rate quoted. I dealt with this company (Shannon) over the phone to pay the bill and found him to be very knowledgeable and open to discussion about future options for the health of the computer.
They gave us a 30 day trial version of an anti-virus program they recommend and explained why it was not Norton they were recommending.

Based on that experience I would say students away from home will likely find this a trustworthy place to deal with and their turnaround is quick too which is a bonus during Finals I would think.

Dnice D.

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I came here after reading all the great reviews on Yelp...and they were all right on! I was getting some weird pop ups and figured I had downloaded some corrupt software from the internet. So I bought a anti-virus program, ran it, and it wasn't able to "disinfect" everything. I brought my laptop here, they were able to find the malware, remove it, and have my computer running as good as it was before in a few hours. The price was great, and Shannon explained possible problems/solutions/costs to me before I left my laptop there. Definitely a place I would come again!

Sarah M.

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I did quite a bit of homework trying to find a computer shop that I could trust and that didn't charge an arm and a leg. I visited three other places first and they wanted $$$ just to look at my problem and didn't inspire confidence. I read the reviews here on San Diego Computer Consultants and even though it was a long drive for me, I was willing to try since I couldn't afford to have someone make my computer problem worse. My first pleasant surprise - they billed me literally half of what other places I took my hard drive wanted just to look at it. Sold!

Turns out my problem was relatively simple and they had it squared away within one business day and didn't charge me anymore than they had originally quoted (again other places would have billed 2-3 times or more for that job.) Not only did they save me $$ but I got a fast turn and a well performed job. I have already recommended them to friends and will definitely be back if I ever need computer work.


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I actually created a Yelp account just to do this review! My laptop monitor died to a hazy fuzz suddenly, and no prayers or threats or keyprodding would bring it back. I brought it in to Shannon (the guy) at SDCC and he immediately gave me three possible scenarios for what might be wrong, ranging from inverter to LCD to video card and gave me pricing options for all three.

He called back twice during the day to give me updates on what he'd discovered and let me make a choice about how to proceed. After I decided to chuck the old laptop and get a new one, he transferred my old data, explained how to access my old hard drive with a 3 in 1 switch, resolved an external monitor problem, gave me recommendations for anti-virus and backup software other than Norton..... all for $75!

Could NOT be happier!

Lynne W.

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THEY ARE THE BEST IN SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!! I really mean that. First of all they're prices are exceptionally fair!!!! Secondly they are professional and thorough! They get the job done and they keep you posted as to what's going on with your computer. I have taken several computers to them and they have retrieved my "lost data" and fixed my computers everytime.

Plus they're honest. They will tell you if its worth fixing or just buying a new computer (which they don't sell you). I deal with Shannon and he's just so professional and friendly and easy to talk to. The other guys are nice to but my dealings are specifically with Shannon!

Bill you've got a great employee there!!!!

Pam R.

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Local, friendly, knowledgeable and their prices are reasonable. I have an office nearby and the staff came to my office to check out my wireless issue.

Next, a dead laptop needed a better checking out than I could do. Although I was willing to pay for a look they actually just verified that it was indeed really dead and offer to discard for me... don't get that kind of service much any more. They have my business!

Jennifer B.

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Here's the deal. I'm a screenwriter. The first time I went to Bill and his consultants, they salvaged my half-finished script, I was on deadline, after my hard drive crashed and died.

CUT TO: I bought a new printer, Canon MX870 (highly recommend) and wanted to wirelessly hook it up to my PC and MAC. Talk about an overly complicated and useless Canon manual. Anyway, I called Canon Customer Support, spent 2 hours on the phone with a guy and the hookup was not resolved by the time I plunged to the floor, exhausted. I next called Bill, he came to my home and had the printer connected wirelessly to both my PC and MAC in 15 minutes, I'm not kidding, 15 Minutes!

CUT TO: And just today, Bill told me on the phone to reboot my modem and router when I couldn't get my new printer to wake up.

I never worry anymore about what I'm going to do if my PC, my MAC, my Printer or all of the above stop working. I only need pick up the phone and call San Diego Computer Consultants. Oh what a relief it is. . .

Horse B.

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Bill and his team are the best. My husband and I have been going to them since they opened their doors... they are always honest and fair with pricing. I have brought my computer to them, they have come out to my home and business as well as sorted things out remotely. Like a good handyman or mechanic, I couldn't live without them!

Derith M.

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I have to compliment San Diego Computer Consultants. I had a persistent problem with my computer that I could not figure out; until I decided to try SDCC on recommendation of my colleague. What a great experience.

I took my computer to them and they immediately (and free of charge) identified my problem to be a faulty power supply. They recommended a replacement for me and had it installed in 10 minutes! Amazing service.

I can't thank them enough for their help and advice. I am not a boffin when it comes to anything IT related so I really appreciated them explaining everything to me and being so helpful.

Two weeks ago I decided to replace my DVD ROM with a writer and returned to them after my first visit was so successful. Robert helped me and I had my new DVD Writer installed in no time.

These guys are amazing at what they do and they truly deserve my recommendation. If you need any advice relating to your computer you can really give these guys a try. They truly know what you are talking about and will always recommend the best option for you. They are also excellent at fault finding. Their pricing is really amazing compared to other IT shops and they always stick to their quoted price. Thumbs up for SDCC!

Keith H.

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Very excellent service. Fair pricing. I highly recommend this company.

Philip R.

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These guys are awesome. The inside of my laptop needed a good dusting. Not only did they get me in right away, they fixed the problem (noisy fan - due to all the dust) and they also replaced my keyboard free-of-charge. Great service. I'd definitely use them again.

Margie P.

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SO pleased with this place. I [am] completely & unhealthily dependent on my laptop (grad student) and they saved me the other day when it got a nasty virus.

Because I could not look up computer repair places on my laptop (clearly) and because I did not know of any off the top of my head, and because I was panicking and could not wait until the next morning when I got to work, I took my laptop to Best Buy. They told me it would cost $200 for manually removing the virus, and it would take 7-10 days because they were backed up. What?!? I am poor and I also cannot afford to be without [my] laptop that long.

The guy gave me a business card to some other place, so I called that place the next day, and they told me $95 and it would take two days. I was so happy to hear that, but I thought i'd check Yelp anyway and found San Diego Computer Consultants and saw they had good reviews.

I called them and they told me $75, and the guy (Shannon, I think) told me he could probably have it done by end of the day if I brought it in soon. I rushed. They fixed it. The guy at the end of the day (William? sorry if that's incorrect) was super nice and even waited a few minutes after they closed for me to get there.

A+ for customer service, and A+ for price, and A+ for quickness, and A+ for fixing my computer! I will recommend this place to everyone one I know.

Shelly G.

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It is rare in this day and age to have a "perfect" customer service experience. But that is what SC Comp Cons delivers. I was very impressed and will come to them again. They are knowledgeable, timely, attentive, and succeeding in fixing a horroring mess that they admitted up front might not be salvageable. THANK YOU!!!

Nica K.


My computer recently died. I was going to get a new harddrive at Cosco but I found out that since I didn't need a monitor what I wanted had to be ordered on line. It was going to take 3 weeks. I went to San Diego Computer Consultants and I had my new equipment the next day at a great price. I had my information transfered to my new computer and I am a very satisfied customer.

Rohnie P.

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I'm not very computer savy. I needed someone to come to my house to install my new printer and explain how all the features worked. The young man who came to my house was very patient and simply explained all the functions and didn't mind that I wrote down the steps even though I did get a manual with the printer. He didn't tell me 20 ways to use the printer to do the same thing although I'm sure he could have done that as well. I'm sure other people in my age bracket that have asked for help from their children got less than the help they needed. This company is the answer to your computer problems and questions. I've delt with this company before and each time I was impressed with the speed and concern they handled my problem. They are reasonably priced and the service and follow-up are great!

Rohnie P.

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Super personable, honest, very reasonable rates, and customer service oriented all the way. My computer was fried, and they helped make a stressful situation a whole lot better. All the technicians I spoke with were very patient, and took the time to explain what was happening and what they would be able to do. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Yelp was right on!

Becky S.

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I hired SD computer consultants to help my senior citizen mother who is computer challenged. They were able to schedule a next day service call. We received wonderful service from Gabriel. He cleaned up her hard drive, installed virus software, and improved the time it takes to boot up. Her printer problem could not be fixed- but it was due to a faulty printer- not SD computer consultants. Even so, Gabriel went the extra mile to try all possible solutions. All in all, i would recommend them highly and use them again!


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I found SDCC through Yelp, and their friendly, helpful, fairly-priced service lived up to and even exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using their services again.


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I found SDCC through Yelp, and their friendly, helpful, fairly-priced service lived up to and even exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using their services again.


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I love finding really awesome small businesses that outshine their competition. This is a great example of that. Ok, I had a great service experience with this company, and trust me, I've worked for a computer service company in Encinitas. After Yelping this, I gave this company a chance based on the one review posted by Eric C. Boy, am I glad I took that chance. Turn around was quick, service was friendly, and the owner, Bill spent some extra time trouble shooting my wireless router with two of my laptops. There was no line, I didn't feel like a number, and when I open my own business, Bill will be my go-to guy. I highly recommend this company to anyone tired of big brand shops that provide nominal service. I think Bill has a personality you can't find in most computer types--he values customer service above everything and it shows. He responds to phone calls quickly and works by appointment. Do give him a call.

Alison F.

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I opted for this company to fix my computer after dealing with the "hard salesmanship" and high prices from the Geek Squad. This small company provided exceptional customer service and the price was right! They were very quick in diagnosing and fixing my computer problem. This company works by appointment only so you need to call to schedule appointment. I called late afternoon and was given an appointment the next day. My computer was ready ahead of the scheduled time -- another plus! If you need computer help -- don't call the Geek Squad -- call San Diego Computer Consultants -- You Can't Go Wrong!

Ray C.

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I had a problem with an external hard drive which stopped working. They popped the actual drive from its case, downloaded the files onto their computer system and then loaded the files onto a new external drive that I purchased. Turn around was one day. They even got my old hard drive to work again (for no extra charge). Professional, friendly, quick and very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend them.

Todd C.

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My fourth and most complicated problem solved by SD Computer Consultants -- a nasty trojan/virus. An economical overnight visit and my computer runs like new. Highly recommended.

Robert S.

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I just wanted to add my personal experience... these guys are amazing!

My dearly beloved laptop caught a horrendous virus. All I could see from it was a black screen and my cursor. It was horrible.

I had really important things on it, and of COURSE I had deadlines to meet. So the first thing I did was panic. I called around and asked for a quote. Some people were just interested in money sucking. Some people were just shady and gave hints that they would pull the good old bait-and-switch. These guys however gave me a straight flat fee. No hidden costs, I went there, everything was on paper. They gave me a heads up on everything additional my laptop might need (which in my case was a no brainer... anti-virus software), and they even said that they will not add things and charge without calling first. These guys are honest and they are GOOD. They told me 2-3 days I'll have my laptop back, and literally I got it back in 24 hours. And it's working amazing.

Tina S.

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My HP Pavillion DV 9723cl stopped working. It wouldn't stay turned on. Every time I tried to turn it on it would just stay on for about 5 seconds then turn off again. I then did some looking online to find a reputable laptop repair place. I read the reviews on San Diego Computer Consultants and decided to give them a try.

I took my laptop in on Tuesday. The atmosphere there is very friendly and pleasant. They don't talk down to you and are very patient. They will listen to you and answer all of your questions. The one thing that I noticed while talking to the tech is that he was very thorough. He asked very detailed questions about the problem and made sure that nothing was left out. He told me it would take from 3 to 4 days to complete the diagnosis and repair. He went over the possible problems and solutions and also gave me some prices. This was nice to know because at least you get a ballpark figure.

The diagnosis costs $75, thereafter if you decide to have them fix your laptop they will credit that to the cost of your repair. Also, if you choose not to repair your laptop they can transfer your data from your old laptop to your new one or external hard drive free of charge. It's included in the cost of the diagnosis. Anyways, they called me late Wednesday and told me that my motherboard got overheated because of a known defective motherboard design from HP. They told me they could re-float the CPU, but the problem would probably return after a few months. I decided that it wasn't worth it so I was going to buy a new laptop.

Upon their recommendation, I bought a Toshiba laptop. I brought them my external hard drive on Thursday and they transferred all of my old data onto the drive. Problem solved. It's too bad that I had to buy a new laptop, but the most important thing was that I was able to recover all of the old data.

I will refer all of my friends and family to SDCC if they ever have any computer problems. Spend your money where they actually treat you right and will work hard for you. Give SDCC a try. You won't regret it.

Thanh N.

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Wonderful customer service. Very knowledgeable about computer issues and work gets done in a timely manner. Will be returning for all future computer issues.

Edoho A.

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I am so glad I decided to yelp places to go for laptop repair! My friend had recommended me to another place over in Clairemont Mesa but they were too expensive the last time I got a price quote for laptop repairs, but luckily I managed to find this place! Like many of the other yelpers, I am seriously a poster child for getting computer viruses. Pretty much any computer that belonged in my family and has been used by me somehow managed to get a virus from yours truly. It didn't come as a surprise when my current laptop (my first laptop was swapped with my brother after I got a virus on that as well) freaked out on me saying my laptop was seriously infected with spyware. As a college student, my laptop is seriously my life with all my documents, pictures, etc. Luckily my friend managed to kill most of it without having to bring it in, but then when I would log in to my laptop it would log me right back off! Thankfully when I brought it to SDCC they were able to fix the logging on problem. It took a lot shorter than I was told (turned it in around 11am and got a call by 4:30pm the same day) and the two guys who helped me were very nice and welcoming. They didn't make me feel like an idiot for getting a nasty virus like other people and they didn't force their products on me at all. I was actually steeling myself for the offers, but they didn't even bring it up. Overall, reasonable pricing especially for a college budget and great customer service!

Amelia H

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