Bogus Adobe License Key Emails Spread Malware

Adobe Spam AttackIf you get an unsolicited email thanking you for your order with Adobe or instructing you to download your Adobe software license key, don’t open it.

The email wasn’t really sent by Adobe, and the file attached to the email definitely does not contain a license key.

Cybercriminals have taken to widely spamming out Adobe-themed phishing emails in an attempt to spread malware.

Since they want the emails to have the best chance of tricking folks, they sent them with spoofed email addresses:

  • Adobe Software (
  • Adobe Software (
  • Adobe (
  • Adobe Software (

A variety of subject lines are currently in use, including:

  • Download your adobe software
  • Download your license key
  • Thank you for your order
  • Your order is processed

The body of the email is short, simple and to the point (keep in mind that the name of the software may vary):


Thank you for buying Director 11.5 software.
Your Adobe License key is in attached document below.

Adobe Systems Incorporated.

As stated before, the file attached to the email is NOT an Adobe license key even though the name of the file suggests otherwise. A scan of one of the intercepted files reveals that it’s a Trojan that only 11/45 antivirus can detect.

Kaspersky identifies the threat as Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Dofoil.rqh, while McAfee detects it as Artemis!30AAE526F5C4 and Sophos as Troj/Agent-AFGT.

Adobe is already aware of the phishing campaign and they have posted an alert on their blog to warn the public.

If Adobe spam lands in your inbox..

  • Do not download or open any files attached to the email.
  • Do not click any embedded links.
  • Delete the email immediately.

[via Threatpost]

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