Hasbro.com Dishing Out Malware via Drive-by-Download Attacks

HasbroUsers that have recently visited multinational toy & board game maker Hasbro’s website may want to scan their computer for malware.

Researchers at Barracuda Labs report that hasbro.com has been serving malware to site visitors sporadically throughout the month of January:

  • Friday, January 10th
  • Saturday, January 11th
  • Tuesday, January 14th
  • Monday, January 20th

The attack begins when users visited the Hasbro.com front page, which would take them through a series of redirects before ultimately leading to a domain [ahnc(.)blockscheine(.)com] serving Java exploits.

Upon successful exploitation, malware is silently installed on the target machine. A VirusTotal report reveals that only 27/50 antivirus vendors are capable of detecting the threat, which is identified by ESET as a variant of Win32/Kryptik.BTHB and Symantec as the infamous Z.bot.

Given the fact that the site has been caught serving malware on more than one occasion, Barracuda Labs researchers advise users avoid visiting hasbro.com until the site admins confirm that it’s safe to visit.

Browse carefully, folks!

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