Laptop Service & Repair

Keyboard Repair & Replacement

Is your laptop keyboard missing a key or two? Do you have keys that are stuck or not working? If you answered yes, then it is time to bring your laptop to San Diego Computer Consultants for laptop keyboard repair.

Given the amount of use our laptop keyboards endure, it’s not a big surprise that keys break off or stop working. If your laptop keyboard has non-functional, stuck, or broken keys, bring it to us to have it fixed.

Call San Diego Computer Consultants for Laptop Keyboard Repair or Replacement Services in San Diego

San Diego Computer Consultants provides laptop keyboard repair & replacement services for all laptop brands & models, including Apple.

Our laptop keyboard repair technicians can replace missing or broken keys. We can troubleshoot stuck or non-operational keys to determine if a cleaning can resolve the issue, or if the entire keyboard needs to be replaced.

Did you spill coffee, soda or water on your keyboard? We can also repair or replace keyboards that have sustained liquid damage.

Contact us online or call us (619) 640-6444 with your laptop make and model to get a free estimate on how much it will cost to repair or replace the keyboard.