Laptop Service & Repair

Hardware & Software Upgrades

Give Your Laptop a Boost with Hardware & Software Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your laptop?

If your laptop starts to feel slow or dated, San Diego Computer Consultants can guide you to the right hardware and software upgrades that will give your laptop that extra “umph” you’re looking for.

Laptop Hardware Upgrades

Laptop hardware upgrades are fairly limited due to the way they are manufactured, but some components can be swapped out to improve performance.

Below are a couple hardware upgrades you can consider for your laptop, however, options will vary depending on your specific laptop brand/model.

*Upgrade can only be done on certain laptop brands / models.

Laptop Software Upgrades

It couldn’t hurt to factor in the operating system and software running on your laptop. Are there newer versions that solve performance issues & offer more stability? Perhaps it’s time you look into upgrading the software on your laptop as well.

  • Operating System Upgrade
  • Firmware Upgrades / Updates
  • Software Upgrades

Contact us online or call (619) 640-6444 to discuss your laptop hardware and software upgrade options. We can perform your desired upgrades in addition to helping you decide what upgrades to make.