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Laptop Hard Drive Upgrades

Are you running out of space on your laptop hard drive? Is your hard drive failing? Or maybe you just want a hard drive that offers better performance?

San Diego Computer Consultants can help you improve your laptop’s performance and increase storage space by upgrading the hard drive. We will help you find a hard drive compatible with your machine, transfer the data from your old hard drive to your new one & even install the new hard drive for you.

We do standard HDD laptop hard drive upgrades and HDD to SSD laptop hard drive upgrades.

HDD to SSD Laptop Hard Drive Upgrades

Interested in upgrading your laptop HDD (hard disk drive) to a SSD (solid state drive)?

Why opt for a SSD laptop hard drive upgrade?

SSD drives are known to offer superior performance over HDD hard disk drives. Laptop users that upgrade to SSD often experience faster boot times, increased performance, better durability, quieter machines and fewer laptop overheating issues.

The only downside is SSDs are more expensive than HDD.

San Diego Computer Consultants Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade Services

We can help you pick out a new laptop hard drive regardless if you’re upgrading to a better HDD or switching to SSD.

  • Finding your laptop hard drive upgrade options – Just let us know what you use your laptop for or how much space you need and we will help you find the best hard drive for you.
  • Transferring the data from your old laptop hard drive to your new one – we perform data transfers on a regular basis, so moving your data over will be a breeze.
  • Installing your new laptop hard drive – we’ll carefully disassemble your laptop, swap out the hard drive and put everything back together.

Contact us or call (619) 640-6444 if you want to upgrade your laptop hard drive.