Do you need to backup your data, or do a data transfer from one PC to another?

Sometimes transferring data from one place to another (pen drive to USB hard drive, or vice-versa) can be more difficult than it should be.

Regardless if you’re trying to transfer data from your old PC to your new one, or backup your data to an external hard drive, San Diego Computer Consultants can help.  We have years of experience and a variety of data transfer tools that will help streamline the process and take the hassle out of moving your files.

San Diego Computer Consultants Data Backup & Data Transfer Services

Below are the most common types of data transfers we do:

  • PC to PC Data Transfer
  • PC to External Hard Drive
  • PC to Cloud (Online Backup)
  • PC to CD/DVD

Don’t risk losing your data by improperly transferring it from one location to another. Call us (619) 640-6444 today and we will help you with all of your data transfer and backup needs!

Other Services

Operating Systems We Support

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS X
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