Chrome Extension Protects You From Google Account Phishing Scams

Google Chrome ExtensionWorried about accidentally disclosing your Google login & password to a cyberthief?

You may want to look into installing Password Alert, a nifty Google Chrome extension that will attempt to detect fake Google login pages and notify you if you submit your login credentials to a non-Google website.

The extension is able to do this by storing a hashed thumbnail of your Google account password and comparing that to passwords entered on other websites. When you enter your Google password into a non-Google website, Password Alert will display a message saying that you have supplied login credentials to a non-Google site and advise you to change your password immediately.

There is one thing to be mindful of if you use Password Alert. A Google security engineer revealed to Ars Technica that Password Alert will also display an alert if you use the same password to your Google account to login to other websites. Using the same password for multiple accounts is a big no-no, therefore users can take the warning as notice that they need to create a unique password for their accounts, or choose to ignore the message if security is not a concern.

The extension is free and available in the Chrome web store.

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