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San Diego Trojan Horse Removal

San Diego Computer Consultants’ malware removal services are designed to eliminate all forms of malware from your computer, including Trojan horses.

What is a Trojan horse?

A Trojan horse (or “Trojan” for short), is a sneaky type of malware that infects computers by posing as a harmless file and/or legitimate software.

The name Trojan horse was inspired by the wooden horse that the Greeks used to win the Trojan War.  The Greeks filled the hollowed wooden horse with soldiers and offered it as a gift to the Trojans, which they accepted despite warnings from a Trojan priest to “beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” That night, when the Trojans were sleeping, the hidden Greek soldiers came out and burned the city to the ground.

Like the historic wooden horse, Trojan horse software requires user interaction to sneak onto the target computer.  For example, files attached to spam emails are often Trojans, which is why it’s important that you exercise extreme caution when downloading files sent via email.

Downloading files from reputable websites is also crucial as cybercriminals setup fake sites designed to offer Trojanized copies of authentic software.

What can a Trojan horse do?

Trojans can do a lot of damage once they have infected your PC. Trojan horses can do anything from steal your personal and financial data to download and install additional malware. Trojans are also known to create a backdoor that attackers can use to gain remote access/control of your computer.

How can I remove a Trojan horse from my computer?

San Diego Computer Consultants malware removal services include Trojan horse removal, so bring your computer in for repair if you believe it is infected.

Our Trojan horse removal services include:

  • Diagnosis of your computer to verify that it has been infected with a Trojan horse.
  • Complete removal of the Trojan horse from your PC.
  • Computer registry cleaning & restoration, if applicable. (This may be necessary as some Trojans do modify the system registry.)
  • Update the operating system by installing important Windows updates. (This will help protect your PC from cyber-attacks that exploit vulnerabilities to drop Trojans or other malware on your PC.)
  • Clean-up of unnecessary files (ex: temporary files, recycle bin, etc.).
  • Recommendations on antivirus software that can help protect your computer from Trojan horses in the future.

Give us a call (619) 640-6444 or contact us online if you need Trojan horse removal services in San Diego County.