Malware / Virus Removal

San Diego Computer Virus Removal

If you’re searching for a reputable computer repair shop to remove the computer virus from your PC, give San Diego Computer Consultants a call (619) 640-6444.

We can remove any malware threat from your computer, including computer viruses.

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a type of malware (or malicious software) designed to spread from computer to computer without user knowledge and can disrupt computer processes.

Computer viruses can self-replicate (or create copies of itself) and attach to any files or programs opened on the infected system in efforts to spread to other systems.  Computer viruses are often spread via file attachments or internet downloads, but can also spread through removable storage devices (USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc.)

Depending on the computer virus, users may or may not notice symptoms of an infection.

What can a computer virus do?

Computer viruses functionality varies from virus to virus, but some are built to damage or delete files (including everything on your hard drive), modify the system registry, hook onto files or programs and/or use email or messenger clients to send itself to other computers.

How can I remove a computer virus from my computer?

San Diego Computer Consultants can help you get rid of any computer virus that has infected your PC, so bring your computer to us if you need virus removal in San Diego County.

Our computer virus removal services include:

  • Diagnosis of your computer to verify that it has been infected with a computer virus.
  • Remove any trace of the virus from your computer.
  • Computer registry cleaning & restoration, if applicable. (Some computer viruses will modify the registry.)
  • Update the operating system by installing important Windows updates. (This will patch any security holes that may lead to a virus infection.)
  • Clean-up of unnecessary files (ex: temporary files, recycle bin, etc.).
  • Recommendations on antivirus software that can help protect your computer from viruses in the future.

Call (619) 640-6444 or contact us online to learn more about our computer virus removal services or to get a free estimate.