Computer Repair Service

Malware / Virus Removal

Decreased performance, random pop-up advertisements, unwanted web browser re-directions, “security alerts” from a program you don’t ever recall installing – these are all symptoms of a possible malware / computer virus  infection.

San Diego Computer Consultants offers the most comprehensive malware / computer virus removal services to all computer users within San Diego County.

Why Come to San Diego Computer Consultants for Malware / Computer Virus Removal?

Our staff is equipped with the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to remove virtually any computer virus, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, rootkit, worm, keylogger, scareware, ransomware or any other form of malware that your computer is infected with.

We don’t just get rid of the malware / computer virus, we help you protect your PC moving forward.

Our malware / computer virus removal services don’t stop once we remove the malware / computer virus threat from your machine. After we have eliminated every trace of the security threat, we will perform a basic PC tune-up and recommend an antivirus solution – like ESET NOD32 – to help protect your computer and data moving forward.

What’s Included in Our Malware / Virus Removal Service Package

  • Removal of the computer virus, spyware, Trojan horse or any other malware / security threat present on the infected computer.
  • Computer registry cleaning & restoration, if applicable.
  • Update the operating system by installing important Windows updates.
  • Clean-up of unnecessary files (ex: temporary files, recycle bin, etc.).
  • Recommendations on antivirus software that can help protect your computer from future security threats.

Give us a call (619) 640-6444 or contact us online if you need malware / computer virus removal services in San Diego County.