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Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death (BSoD) is the worst type of error a computer can experience and is the last thing a computer user wants to see.

Getting the blue screen of death means that Microsoft Windows has encountered a critical error that it can’t recover from and the only recourse is to restart the machine. Windows will automatically restart the computer when it displays a blue screen of death by default.

What causes a blue screen of death?

A blue screen of death indicates that Windows experienced an error so severe that Windows must stop completely. This is also known as a “STOP error.”

Blue screens, or BSoD, are typically caused by malfunctioning hardware or hardware driver issues. Regular software crashes usually aren’t enough to cause a blue screen. Take Adobe Photoshop, for example: if the application crashes, it will shut down without causing the entire Windows operating system to crash too.

Most of the time, when you get a blue screen of death you will see a STOP code that can be used to troubleshoot the cause. Given the fact Windows automatically restarts after blue screening, capturing the STOP code can sometimes be tricky.

Are you getting a blue screen of death?

If your computer is blue screening, you can bring it to San Diego Computer Consultants for diagnoses and repair.

BSoD repairs are one of the many San Diego computer repair services we offer, and we’d be more than happy to help you get your computer working again.

Give us a call (619) 640-6444 for a free repair estimate or bring your computer into our store for repair. No appointments are necessary for BSoD computer repair.