Just 21 Days of Windows XP Support Left – What’s Your Plan?

RIP Windows XPApril 8th is coming up quick.

In just three short weeks, Microsoft will cut the lifeline for Windows XP users, leaving them without technical assistance & system updates.

That means no more security patches, no hotfixes, online article updates or assisted support options (free or paid).  Windows XP users won’t even be able to download Microsoft Security Essentials after April 8th. (Microsoft has agreed to continue to update the virus definitions for it until July 14th, 2015.)

Microsoft has taken numerous steps to try & push users off Windows XP. Their efforts include asking users to persuade friends & family that use Windows XP to upgrade, displaying popup alerts to Windows XP users inside the OS & offering a $50 gift card to users that purchase certain devices from the Microsoft Store.

Need Help Upgrading from Windows XP?

San Diego Computer Consultants is currently offering special Windows XP upgrade options to users that need help migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7/8.

Windows XP Upgrade Option What’s included? Price
Data Transfer
  • Data transfer
Data, Programs & Settings Transfer
  • Data transfer
  • Software transfer
Data, Programs & Settings Transfer
with Onsite Setup
  • Data transfer
  • Software transfer
  • 1-hr Onsite setup & configuration

Contact us online or call (619) 640-6444 to learn more about our Windows XP upgrade services!

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  • Ken Ross

    My plan and the plan of hundreds of other small and medium size businesses is to keep using XP for many years to come. Many experts agree. It’s really easy to maintain security. Scare tactics from Microsoft and others will increase and get louder. Every “trick of the trade” to create the illusion of a problem will be implemented. I’ve done the research and the facts are on my side. XP is no more vulnerable then another OS.