Apple Computer Repair

Apple / Mac Memory Upgrades

Like other computers, upgrading the memory in your Apple / Mac is an inexpensive way to boost performance.

Upgrading the memory in your Apple / Mac computer will help you open & switch between apps quicker, allowing you to work faster and improving your computing experience.

Types of Apple / Mac Memory Upgrades We Do

San Diego Computer Consultants has performed countless memory upgrades on all kinds of Apple / Mac computers. We can assist you with:

We will help you throughout the entire Apple / Mac memory upgrade process. We will help you determine what type of RAM / memory you need, where you can buy it and we offer computer memory installation services for as little as $15.

We Sell Apple / Mac Memory in San Diego!

Looking for the computer memory store with the best prices in San Diego? That would be us!

Our parent company, The Chip Merchant is well-known for having the best prices on computer memory / RAM. We carry all types of Apple / Mac computer memory in stock and can install your new RAM memory in-store. You can buy Apple memory online in The Chip Merchant store.

Call us at (619) 640-6444 or contact us online to find out if you can upgrade the RAM in your Apple computer, or to get a quote on Apple / Mac memory.