Apple Computer Repair

Malware Protection & Removal

Although it is uncommon, malicious software (“malware”) targeting Apple computers does exist. Flashback (Trojan horse) & Mac Defender (fake antivirus) are two that come to mind.

Anti-malware / Antivirus Software: An Extra Layer of Protection for Your Mac

Apple has included security features such as Gatekeeper, XProtect & MRT (Malware Removal Tool) within OS X to reduce the chances of a malware infection, but they do not offer absolute protection.

Just like with Windows-based computers, it only takes one lapse in judgment, such as downloading a malicious file attached to an email or installing pirated software, to infect your Mac with malware.

Using an antivirus solution on your Apple computer will add an extra layer of protection that will offer protection from known threats (and their variants) that target systems running OS X.

San Diego Computer Consultants can help you select an antimalware/ antivirus solution that will offer that extra layer of protection you need with minimal impact on system performance.

Is Your Mac Infected with Malware?

Should your Apple computer ever become infected by Trojan horse, rogue antivirus or any other type of malware, you can bring it to us and have the infection removed.

Our highly-trained Apple repair technicians will comb through your system to remove every trace of the infection and perform basic system maintenance to make sure everything else is running fine andrecommend an antivirus solution to keep your Mac safe in the future.

Give us a call (619) 640-6444 or contact us online today to discuss your Apple malware protection options, or to learn more about our Apple/Mac malware removal services.